ANDY'S KITCHEN & SUSHI BAR - GOOD ANDY (no sake bomb) or BAD ANDY (sake bomb!!!)?

LunchSpecial plates:  (serve with miso soup, house salad and steamed rice)
Curry Beef (stir fried thin slices beef and veggies with Japanese curry sauce)  10
Sukiyaki(beef, onion, clear noodle, napa cabbage, tofu, mushroom in sweet soy broth)  14                                   
Ginger Chicken(grilled chicken with special ginger sauce) 10
Garlic Chicken(grilled chicken with special garlic sauce topped w/ garlic chips) 10
Yaki Niku(stir fried thin slices of beef with onion)   9 

Bento Box (comes with miso soup, salad and steamed rice) :    one items $7.5;
              two items $10;
              three items $15;
with (*) $3  extra supplemental charge for each item;
Choose from:
Tempura (mix or veggies); Chicken Teriyaki; Katsu (cutlet; chicken orpork); Agedashi Tofu; Gyzoa; Shui Mai; Lobster Tempura Ball; BBQ Pork; BBQ Squid; California Roll (8pcs); Salmon Teriyaki (*); Sashimi(*) (6pcs); Nigiri Sushi (*) (4pcs); Beef Teriyaki (*); Spicy Tuna Roll(*); Tempura Roll (*); Unagi Roll (*);
All sushi or sashimi are chef choice 

Mini Donburis:
Teriyaki chicken     5
Teriyaki beef           8
Teriyaki salmon      8
Teriyaki tofu           5
Shrimp tempura (3pcs)    8
Veggie tempura       6
BBQ pork                8
Unagi (bbq eel)        8
Katsu (pork cutlet and egg)    8
Dragon (crab, unagi, avocado, tobiko)     12
Spicy tuna                10
Chirashi  (chef choice)   13
Califonia (crab, avocado, tobiko)    6
Tekka (tuna)           12
Lobster salad          10
Scallop salad (spicy)     10
Hamachi                  12
Mushroom Tempura   6
  • All mini don come with miso soup

Miso Soup w/ Tofu                        2      
                  w/ Crab                         9
Mushroom Soup(3 kinds of mushroom in seaweed broth)7        
Spicy Thai Coconut Soup    w/chicken  8                
                                             w/shrimp   10
House Green Salad           4.5                                    small   2.5
Seaweed Salad                  4.5
Poki Salad (choose tuna, salmon or snapper)(tobiko, and seaweed salad with spice sauce)  13
Andy’s Salad (spring mix, cucumber, Fuji apple, candied walnut w/ ginger carrot dressing)          8
Cucumber Salad (sweet vinegar dressing)
                    w/ Seaweed     4.5
                    w/ Crab  9
                    w/ Ebi    8.5
                    w/ Tako   8.5
Pickles Salad (assorted pickles)                               5.5
Side Dishes:
Steamed Rice                     2
Brown Rice                        3 
Sushi Rice                          3
Fresh Wasabi                     1
Pickled Garlic                     5
Kim Chee                           4.5
Edamame (Regular)             4.5
Andy’s Style Edamame (tossed with garlic sesame sauce)     5
Nigiri Sushi:
Maguro (Tuna)    6                      
Saba (Mackerel)     5 
Hamachi (Yellowtail)  6              
Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp; Raw) 8
Shio Maguro (Albacore)   6        
Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe)  6
Ikura (Salmon Roe)     6.5           
Uni (Sea Urchin)       seasonal
Ika (Squid)      6                          
Hotate (Scallop)       6.5
Tai (Snapper)       6                   
Escolar (Butter Fish)   
Tako (Octopus)    6                   
Hotate Sp. (Scallop Salad) 6.5
Kani (Crab)      6                          
Lobster Salad Sushi     7
Kani Sp. (Crab Salad)     5.5        
Inari (Tofu Pocket)     5
Unagi (Fresh Water Eel)  6        
Nasu (Grill Eggplant)    5
Anago (Sea Eel)     7                  
Grilled Tofu    6
Ebi (Cooked Shrimp)      5           
Wakame (Seaweed Salad)5
Tubugai (Conch)      6                  
Sake (Fresh or Smoke)   6        
Seared Tuna with Shiso Pesto 7
Tom’s Special (Albacore Tuna top w/ Fresh Chopped Garlic, Pon Zu Sauce)     6.5
Seared Prosciutto Wrapped Scallop Sushi   12

Mono Maki (Basic Rolls):
Tekka (Tuna)                             6
Kappa (Cucumber)                    5
Shitake (Mushroom)                  6
California (Crab, Avocado)       5.5
Oshinko (Pickle)                        5.5    
Avocado                                     6
Kampyo (Squash)                      5.5
Futo Maki                                  8
Vegeterian (Fresh & Pickles)    7.5
Cucumber & Avocado             6.5
Ume Kyu (Plum Paste, Cucumber)  6.5
 All Sushi sub with brown rice                 1. 5 extra
                Sub with soy paper                  1. 5 extra
               Add tempura crunch                 3 extra
                Add tobiko                                1.5 ex
Additional charge may be add for special request.
Special Rolls:                                                                             
Kobe Kim Chi Roll (kobe beef, kim chi, cucumber)         10    
Dragon Roll(Inside: tempura shrimp, crab, mountain carrot;   Outside: unagi and avocado)      13                                     ½ Roll   7.5
Bangkok Roll (bbq pork and cucumber)        8               ½Roll    5
Tempura Roll (shrimp tempura and cucumber)     8      ½ Roll  5
Spider Roll (deep fried soft shell crab, cucumber)        10  
Scallop Roll (scallop, cucumber, sprouts)               8        ½ Roll  5
Rainbow Roll (five kinds of fish over califronia roll)  13   ½ Roll 7.5
Philadelphia Roll (smoked salmon, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese) 8
                                                                            ½ Roll          5
*Spicy Tuna Roll (spicy tuna, cucumber, sprouts)  8            ½ Roll 5
Rock & Roll (unagi, cucumber, avocado)  8            ½ Roll 5
Caterpillar Roll (cucumber, unagi inside; avocado outside)10
                                                                       ½ Roll 6
Kamikaze Roll (shrimp, unagi, smoked sake, cucumber, avocado)  10                           ½ Roll           6
Las Vegas Roll (3 kinds of fish tempura, mix veggies)              8   
Roski Roll (California roll top with tuna and avocado)       13       
                                                           ½ Roll      7.5
Camelot Roll (inside: shrimp tempura, cucumber; Outside: scallop and avocado)  13                             ½ Roll       7.5
Grinch Roll (tuna, crab, wasabi tobiko, cucumber; soy wrapped)    10    
3 Stooges Roll (inside: scallop, crab, cucumber; Outside: 3 kinds of fish and avocado)       14                                          ½ Roll    8 
Godzilla Roll (inside: shrimp tempura, crab, mix veggies; Outside: smoked salmon and avocado)                  12    
Reindeer Roll (tempura, crab, black tobiko, cucumber, avocado)  12      
New York Roll (cooked shrimp, cucumber, avocado) 8   ½Roll 5
 *Ariel Roll (California roll top with shrimp and spicy mayo)       13 
                                                     ½ Roll         7.5
Cherry Blossom Roll (cucumber, avocado, tuna; top with tuna)    13               ½ Roll        8
Tri-Color Roll (3 kinds of fish, 3 kinds of tobiko, crab, avocado)      13    
Carburetor Roll (shrimp tempura, crab, cucumber; top with crab)  17          ½ Roll        9  
*MJ Roll (tempura, crab, cucumber; top with tempura crunch)           14                                      ½ Roll           8
49’er Roll (scallop, cucumber, avocado; top w/ tuna & hamachi)      14 
                                                            ½ Roll         8
Candy Cane Roll (California roll top with tuna and scallop)            14                           ½ Roll            8
*Golden Gate Roll (spicy tuna roll top with scallop and avocado)      14                                ½ Roll            8
*Volcano Roll (spicy tuna roll with jalapeno chili)   10    ½Roll  6
Paul’s Roll (tuna, crab, fried garlic, cucumber)     12      ½Roll  7
*Linda’s Roll (inside: spicy crab, cucumber; outside: scallop)          14
                                                                         ½ Roll          8
Dena’s Roll (California roll top w/ scallop, salmon and truffle oil)   14                       ½ Roll        8   
*Jo Jo’s Roll (spicy tuna, tempura shrimp, cucumber)      13            
                                                      ½ Roll           7.5
Giants Roll (tempura green onion, albacore; top w/ salmon,
truffle)14                         ½ Roll         8
Eagle Roll (stir fried onion, beef, cream cheese; deep fried)          12  
                                                                   ½ Roll           7
Yam Tempura Roll       8                          ½ Roll      5
Kabocha Tempura Roll (Japanese pumpkin)  8        ½Roll  5
Zen Roll (tempura mushroom inside; outside w/ grill eggplant and
Zucchini top with miso dressing)    10                   ½ Roll         6
   * spicy

      Oyster ½ shell      (Shigoku)    3.5 ea.                    

         Sui Mai(pork dumplings)                 7

         Gyoza(Japanese pot stickers)                 
            Meat  7                              Veggie   7

         Ceviche Tower(3 kinds of fish; spicy)   14

         Tar Tar (choose tuna or salmon)                13

         Carpaccio(with spicy truffle aioli)(choose Hamachi or
              seared tuna or seared salmon)                   14

         Jalapeno Popper (w/ crab   or  w/ spicy tuna)       9

         Coconut Crusted Shrimp(mango curry dip)          10

         Deep Fried Baby Octopus            8

         Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab         11

         P-Town Wings(fried chicken wings with house
           special spices)           9

         J. F. C. (Japanese fried chicken)             8

      Vegetable Croquette               6

   Agedashi Tofu               7

       Yaki Tori(grilled chicken and green onion on skewer)        7

 “ ♦ “ Gluten Free Option            “ ♣ “ Vegan Option


  Teriyaki -            
New York Steak  12; Salmon12;Chicken Breast 9; ♣ Tofu 8     
    BBQ -   Squid 8 ; Pork 8 
  Hamachi Kama(yellow tail collar; limited)16    
    Kal-Bi(bbq Korean style short ribs)12    
  Garlic Chicken(grill chicken top with special garlic sauce and fried garlic chips)   10
  Ginger Chicken(grill chicken with special ginger sauce)  10
♦♣Nasu Miso Yaki(grill eggplant with miso sauce) 9
GO FOR CRISPY …….     
Tempura  -                              
Prawn(3 pcs) 7.5 ; Lobster Meat Balls 9;
Mix (shrimp & veggies)10; ♣Yasai(mix vegetable)10
♣Jalapeno with Mango Curry Dip8;
♣Mushroom with Mango Curry Dip8;
♣Purple Yam Sticks8    

Fried Jumbo Prawns with House Special Sauce and Candied Walnut  15
Tonkatsu (deep fried cutlet)( pork or chicken or eggplant)  10

Yaki Niku(stir fried thin slices beef & onion)  9     
Sukiyaki(onion, clear noodle, napa cabbage, tofu, mushroom in sweet soy broth)
w/beef 14;  w/Chicken 14; w/ Tofu 12
♦♣Eggplant and Tofu with Spicy Ginger Garlic Sauce  10 

“ ♦ “ Gluten Free Option    “ ♣ “ Vegan Option

Ocean Catch (salmon, white fish, avocado, slaw, cucumber) 13
Dragon (crab, tempura shrimp, unagi, cucumber, avocado, slaw)    13
Fire House (spicy tuna, cucumber, roasted jalapeno, avocado, slaw)    11
Yasai (veggies tempura, cucumber, avocado, slaw) 10
Chicken Run (fried chicken, cucumber, avocado, slaw)    10
Las Vegas (fish tempura, lobster salad, cucumber, avocado, slaw)    11 
(with miso soup, salad and steamed rice)  

Chicken Teriyaki & Tempura (mix or veggies)  15
Beef Teriyaki & Tempura (mix or veggies) 18
Salmon Teriyaki & Tempura (mix or veggies)    18 
Tempura (mix or veggies)&Katsu (cutlet; chicken or pork)  15                        

Dim Sum
Shrimp Dumpling (ha gao)                           5
BBQ Pork Bun (cha siu bao)                   3
Lotus Seed Paste Bun             3

Fresh Orange Juice                 2.5/4.5
Fresh Lemonade / Mango Ice tea / Thai Ice tea    2.5
Fresh Brewed Ice tea                                    2.5
Hot tea (green tea or jasmine tea)                 2
Vietnamese Coffee   3.5     w/condensed milk  4
Juice Squeeze or Soda                    2.5
BoBa (tapioca drink; green tea, thai tea, mango lychee or taro flavor)   3.5

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